Wontok Lab Tests and Removes Ransomware BadRabbit

Wontok SafeCentral Malware Bulletin 27 October 2017 Malware Family: Ransom.BadRabbit Ransom.BadRabbit is a ransomware that currently targets critical infrastructure and high profile entities. With reported scenarios in the Ukraine and Russia. Preliminary analysis reveals that this new strain of ransomware is bundled with several open source tools that are leveraged for data encryption and lateral […]

Wontok Lab Tests and Removes Android Rootnik

Wontok SafeCentral Malware Bulletin 3 March 2017 Malware Family: Android.Rootnik Android Rootnik is a customized version of a root tool known as ‘Root Assistant’. This re-packaged version of this application is able to gain root access to Android devices, which are running Android 4.3 or earlier. So far there are over 500 detected versions of this […]

Wontok Lab Tests and Removes Android Slocker

Wontok SafeCentral Malware Bulletin 27 January 2017 Malware Family: Android.Slocker Android Slocker is newly identified ransomware, which is known to lock your Android device and seek a ransom fee for un-encrypting files under its control. The infection has been known to occur from websites via a Flash player update for a video file update, and via […]

Wontok Lab Tests and Removes AirInstaller PUP

Wontok SafeCentral Malware Bulletin 18 April 2016 Malware Family: Application.Bundler.AirInstaller Application.Bundler.AirInstaller can take advantages of operating system loopholes. They come bundled with adware, worms and malware. It can also help scamware extensions, plug-ins and add-ons to be installed in the computer automatically. Wontok Lab Results We observed that Wontok SafeCentral Security Suite’s On-access and On-demand engines properly […]

Wontok Lab Tests and Removes Variant Zegost 6

Wontok SafeCentral Malware Bulletin 12 February 2016 Malware Family: Variant.Zegost.6 Variant Zegost 6 is a backdoor bot. It has the ability to start downloads from the Internet without users consent or knowledge. It uses root-kit techniques in order to hide its presence on the system and it is known to report information to a remote command […]

Wontok Lab Tests and Removes Android Riskware SMSReg

Wontok SafeCentral Malware Bulletin 1 June 2015 Malware Family: Android.Riskware.SMSReg Android Riskware SMSReg is an Android malware that is marketed as an application to help maximize a device’s battery usage. The malware is often disguised as an Android application such as ‘Battery Improve’ or ‘Battery Saver’ that must be downloaded and installed. Once installed, the […]

Wontok Lab Tests and Removes Android Trojan SMSSpy

Wontok SafeCentral Malware Bulletin 21 May 2015 Malware Family: Android.Trojan.SMSSpy Android Trojan SMSSpy is mobile malware that attempts to steal sensitive data by seizing incoming SMS messages and forwards them to a remote site. The Trojan is often disguised as an Android application that must be downloaded and installed. Wontok Lab Results We observed that Wontok […]

Wontok Lab Tests Android RiskWare SMSPay Striking APAC

Wontok SafeCentral Malware Bulletin 19 May 2015 Malware Family: Android.Riskware.SMSPay Android Riskware SMSPay is mobile malware that mimics a legitimate application and requires an activation fee through SMS messaging. The potentially unwanted application or PUP also has capabilities to launch other pay-per-install applications loaded in the app once it is activated requiring pay-per-install payment transactions. […]

Wontok Lab Tests and Removes Android Adware Dowgin

Wontok SafeCentral Malware Bulletin 11 May 2015 Malware Family: Android.Dowgin Android Dowgin is adware that incorporates an advertising package that has the capability to display unwanted ads in the notification tray. Wontok Lab Results We observed that Wontok SafeCentral Mobile Security’s On access and On demand engines properly detect and remediate the malware which prevents […]

Wontok Lab Tests POS Malware LucyPOS

Wontok Lab successfully tested SafeCentral against POS malware threat, LucyPOS. LusyPOS is a new strain of POS Malware putting retailers at risk. LusyPOS malware uses RAM scraping to collect credit and debit card data, then uses Tor for command and control (C&C) communication to send the data to the attackers. LusyPOS incorporates portions of two other […]

Financial Trojans Now Targeting Password Managers: Why Prevention is the Best Cure

Cybercriminals wielding financial Trojans are constantly seeking new targets.  In the past year we’ve seen Zeus malware variants move beyond stealing personal bank credentials and invading the retail landscape.  Now cybercriminals are threatening the passwords on your computer.  A new variant of Citadel malware, an offspring of the dangerous Zeus financial Trojan, has been identified […]

Wontok Lab Tests POS Trojan Backoff

Wontok Lab successfully tested SafeCentral against POS malware threat, Trojan Backoff. Backoff is a strain of POS malware that targets point-of-sale (POS) systems running Windows, and once in place, is capable of stealing credit and debit card information. Backoff malware attacks have been undetectable by updated AV systems on fully patched systems. To date, Backoff […]

Cyber Security Awareness Month For USA and Europe October 2014

For the United States National Cyber Security Awareness Month is in its eleventh year.  In Europe, the European Cyber Security Month (ECSM) joins the cause.  Both campaigns focus on keeping our digital lives secure at home and work – from our personal transactions to critical infrastructure supporting our transportation, communications, and utilities. We encourage you […]

Wontok Lab Tests New Zberp Trojan

Wontok Lab successfully tested SafeCentral against newest banking malware threat, Zberp. The Zberp Trojan is a new hybrid online banking Trojan program that combines functionality and features from the widely known Zeus (aka Zbot) and Carberp malware programs.  Zberp is reported to have impacted 450 financial institutions around the world in the first month since […]

Bank’s Vulnerability Points include Network, ATM and POS Systems

By Kathleen Glass FFIEC recently issued a statement cautioning financial institutions about ATM fraud threats.  The threat that can drain large sums of cash from ATMs in seconds is called “Unlimited Operations” – a type of ATM Cash Out Fraud. It is engendered by gaining access to ATM control panels. The process takes multiple steps, […]

Retail Breaches Are the Talk of RSA 2014 Conference

By Kathleen Glass Wrapping up a busy week at the 2014 RSA Conference, in San Francisco. Retail breaches such as the Target breach was a hot topic for many attendees, which drew lots of interest for Wontok’s recently announced malware prevention product, SafeCentral for POS.  Our CEO Adam Tegg had a chance to sit down […]

Wontok Debuts on Top in Latest VB100 Comparative with Multi-Engine Approach

By Rich Cameron, Vice President – Global Operations & Delivery We congratulate our engineers at Wontok Lab for the extremely positive outcome in the VB100 December 2013 Comparative. Virus Bulletin, a leading independent anti-malware online magazine, ranked Wontok’s multi-engine approach 1st in proactive detection and 2nd in combined Reactive and Proactive detection (RAP) amongst the […]

Deeper Layers of Protection Needed for POS Systems

Wed, 22 Jan 2014 – Kathleen Glass, Vice President, Marketing Retailers need deeper layers of protection. Retailers can gain better protection from advanced malware in their POS systems through a layered security approach that goes beyond traditional firewall and anti-virus protections. In November 2013, the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) has published version 3.0 […]

The Odds are Not in Your Favor…

Wed, 27 Nov 2013 – Kevin Wilson, Director of Public Relations This past weekend, the second movie in The Hunger Games trilogy, Catching Fire, was released around the world. The popular story about an annual battle to the death involving 12-18 year-olds surpassed more than $160 million at the U.S. box office and $283 million […]

What would you spend to lower the TCO of a breach?

Mon, 04 Nov 2013 – Chris Gardner, Vice President North America Sales “The best ROI is to buy nothing and then never use it.”  Anonymous Financial Consultant   Ever since network security became important to the Enterprise, Request for Proposals have always asked the same questions: “What is the expected Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)?” […]