MRG Effitas announces Wontok SafeCentral passes all testing in 4th Annual Online Banking Browser Security Assessment Project

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. – 18 June 2014 – Wontok, Inc. the provider of proven data security solutions announces its Malware Prevention Solution, Wontok™ SafeCentral for online banking transactions and remote endpoints is one of three vendors of the 18 security software solutions to receive certification by MRG Effitas, an independent internet security research organization focused on providing cutting edge efficacy assessment and assurance services. The certification is for their fourth annual Online Banking Browser Security Assessment Project conducted over three annual quarters. To find a copy of the report, please visit MRG Effitas site:

The MRG Effitas tests employed over the three annual quarters were:

  • Prevention of data exfiltration from SSL/TLS protected banking sites
  • Attackers stealing session cookies instead of session details
  • Attackers using the victim browser to bypass protections

Adam Tegg, CEO, Wontok states: “These independent tests demonstrate that Wontok SafeCentral’s multilayered security solution against advanced malware and account takeover threats goes beyond traditional security solutions and anti-virus adding prevention defenses to detection. We selected MRG Effitas as they are best known for their ability to test against specialized financial malware using the same types of methods used by the cybercriminals themselves. New threats emerge daily as we have seen with the recent Zberp which is reported to have already infiltrated 450 financial institutions by bypassing detection and we must be vigilant.”

Chris Pickard, CEO, Effitas Group adds, “The testing employed during the last three quarters of our Online Banking Browser Security Assessment Project was very rigorous and employed highly sophisticated attacks. The attacks were designed using widespread existing and new emerging APTs, but also methods cybercriminals use in complex targeted attacks. It is a truly significant achievement for Wontok’s product SafeCentral to have countered all the attacks, passed every test and thereby secure the endpoint from data exfiltration in every instance.”

Wontok’s data security solutions are built assuming the user or network is already infected with malware. Wontok SafeCentral for online banking provides a containerized environment for safe transactions or data in use. It protects banking customers from advanced account take over (ATO) by malware and data stealing botnets and the entire online sessions, from authentication to log out. Usernames and passwords are kept safe, secure and barricaded from any malware lurking on the computer.

About MRG Effitas

MRG was founded in January 2009 and is an independent internet security research organization which focuses on providing cutting edge efficacy assessment and assurance services, collation, analysis and supply of malware samples to vendors and the latest news concerning new threats and other information in the field of IT security.
MRG Effitas has a team of analysts, researchers and associates across EMEA, USA and China, ensuring a truly global presence. MRG Effitas is recognised by several leading security vendors as being the leading testing and assessment organisation in the online banking, browser security and cloud security spaces. To learn more, please visit:

About Wontok

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Wontok, Inc. has operations in the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific. Wontok delivers proven data security solutions that fill the gaps left by conventional security offerings. With Wontok’s added layer of security; businesses, government organizations and consumers can have confidence that their online commerce and communications are secure and their data is safe.

Wontok is dedicated towards delivering security solutions in each active market segment. The company actively invests in solution R&D to enhance its existing arsenal of advanced security technologies. Wontok was recognized by Virus Bulletin’s VB Lab Experts in the VB100 December 2013 comparative for technical expertise in advanced malware prevention with top rankings.

Wontok delivers its world-class data security solutions through value add distributors, systems integrators, ISPs, MNOs, Telcos and other value-added channel partners. For more information, visit To learn more, please visit: