Narrowing the Field: Wontok SafeCentral Receives Coveted MRG Effitas Online Banking Browser Security Certification

Wontok SafeCentral is one of only 3 vendors out of a field of 18 to receive the MRG Effitas Online Banking Browser Certification for Q1 2014, demonstrating just how vulnerable banks and retailers are who rely on “big name” traditional security and AV solutions. Recent weeks have seen many new malware strains emerging including BlackPOS and an ominous hybrid of Zeus and Carberp called Zberp which we’ve tested against successfully in our own labs. These new strains are easily slipping by existing security solutions because they just can’t keep up. Wontok’s unique solutions have been developed to address this problem and now, independent tests are showing that Wontok is the best at preventing malware from attacking financial transactions.