White Papers

Financial Institutions: How to Protect Customers from Advanced Malware in 2016

Modern financial malware like Zeus or Citadel can empty bank accounts in seconds. Through 2016, this widespread threat will continue to grow unabated. This paper discusses two of the primary mitigation vectors that can be used against powerful financial malware – backend protection and specialized endpoint protection – and how to identify which is best suited for your environment and your customers.

The Evolution of Financial Malware

This whitepaper traces the history and evolution of modern financial malware including the Zeus and Citadel trojans.

ISMG Interview: Why the Target Breach was Preventable

Bank Info Sec Editor Tom Field talks with Wontok CEO Adam Tegg about POS malware prevention.

ISMG Account Takeover Outlook

NSS Labs Ken Baylor discusses current account takeover trends and preventing account takeover fraud.