Wontok SafeCentral SafeDesktop Receives 3rd MRG Effitas Online Banking Certification in 2015

Wontok SafeCentral for online financial transactions and remote endpoints generally received positive reviews on its most recent testing. For the year’s 3rd consecutive quarter, Wontok had passed all tests to achieve its newest certification for the latest MRG Effitas Online Banking Security Simulation.

Wontok SafeCentral has been awarded its Level 1 certification for Q3 2015 by MRG Effitas, the leading testing, and assessors for online banking, browser and cloud security.

To find a copy of the report, please visit MRG Effitas site and download the latest report.

MRG Effitas performs In-the-Wild, Botnet, and Simulator tests on leading internet security suites and anti-financial fraud applications and has published the Online Banking Browser Security report quarterly for the past four years. In order to attain MRG Online Banking / Browser Security Certification, a product must pass every test during the quarter. This is the ninth consecutive quarter of qualification by Wontok SafeCentral.