About Wontok

Wontok Global Experience

With operations in the US, Asia and Australia Wontok is led by a team of security industry veterans with a 14-year history of bringing to market proven value-added security services that fill the gaps in traditional security solutions. Wontok crafts a scalable services delivery platform and suite of security solutions to be robust and easily deployable in order to keep up with the demands of business in value-add scenarios for sectors such as communications, retail, banking, insurance, healthcare and government.

Value Added Services Delivery Platform

The Wontok ONE platform allows partners to deploy and monetize branded or white-labeled services to support and protect their customers online. The Wontok ONE platform can be implemented quickly and easily across the entire customer lifecycle – no delays and no big upfront capital investment. Wontok ONE includes all of the essential marketing, billing and customer care tools to deliver proprietary or third party value added services. Wontok ONE is white-labeled to present one face, one brand.

Added Layer of Security for Online Transactions and Remote Endpoints

Wontok thinks differently about cyber security threats. Wontok works with existing security solutions by delivering an added layer of security. The family of SafeCentral solutions prevents malware on desktop, mobile, POS, ATM and other remote endpoints. Wontok SafeCentral locks out data-stealing malware and keeps transactions safe that carry financial or personal data, passwords, and account information.

Secure by Design Philosophy

Wontok’s Secure by Design philosophy and engineering design methodologies look at security from the ground up by assuming malware is already present on your desktop, mobile device, or terminal such as POS or ATM.

Wontok’s patented TSX technology locks down the operating system, preventing malware from functioning as designed, even if it already exists on the endpoint. Wontok’s has 2 patents and has filed for 6 more on the unique methods that only SafeCentral provides to secure data on endpoints from malware that may get by other layers of defense.


Wontok is partner-focused and supports branded or white-label delivery of its world-class security solutions and value-added services delivery platform via communications service providers, systems integrators, value added distributors, value added resellers, portal owners, financial institutions, and enterprises around the globe.


Wontok is recognized by independent testers as more effective in protecting sensitive data against zero day and advanced malware threats than the leading security solutions or AV alone.

MRG Effitas Certified
Wontok SafeCentral has been certified by MRG Effitas in 2013, 2014 as well as Q1, Q2 and Q3 2015. MRG Effitas is an independent IT security research organisation focused on providing cutting edge efficacy assessment and assurance. MRG Effitas runs quarterly online banking browser security tests, testing leading industry names against real malware threats.

Wontok AntiMalware scored top right in Virus Bulletin’s VB Lab Experts in the VB100 in 2013, 2014, 2015 and August 2016 comparatives for technical expertise in advanced malware prevention. Recently Wontok’s results have us scoring in the top right quadrant, with the highest passing RAP score of 90.8% among all participating security solutions for these tests. This has given Wontok certification in all major Windows operating systems.