Cloud First Philosophy

Wontok’s cloud first philosophy allows our partners to move quickly and cost effectively with cyber protection solutions that cover hardware, cloud, devices and web.

Cyber Threats Today

When it comes to cyber security and data protection, network operators are facing significant challenges which is creating a growing need for a quality, integrated security platform that can combat global threats.

Secure by Design

Unlike traditional antivirus or security companies Wontok works at the deepest defence layer, for interception, monitoring and protection, keeping sensitive data and transactions safe.

About Wontok

With operations in the US, Asia, and Australia, Wontok is a global cybersecurity company founded in 2003 that delivers proven data security solutions that are simple to implement, non-intrusive, and fill the gaps left by conventional security offerings.

Led by a team of security industry experts, Wontok has a proven track record of developing and deploying proven, value-added security solutions.

Why Wontok?

International Reach

At Wontok, we’re redefining customer protection now and for the future. We solve more use cases (in particular), across consumer and SMB than anyone else. We operate internationally – and deliver platform solutions locally.

Patented TSX Technology

Our patented Trusted Security Extensions (TSX) technology locks down the operating system and blocks vulnerability-based activity.

Wontok Labs

Wontok Labs tests against the most challenging type of viruses that hide at the deepest level of the OS. To simulate real financial malware threats such as Zeus or SpyeEye, our Labs maintain a financial malware “zoo” holding live strains of recent malware variants for state-of-the-art testing.

Research & Development

Wontok actively invests in solution R&D to enhance its existing arsenal of advanced security technologies. A great example of this can be seen in our latest B2C product launch – idSafe.

Partner Network

Wontok is partner-focused and supports branded or white-label delivery of its world-class security solutions and value-added services delivery platform via network operators around the globe.

Industry recognition

We’ve recently acquired Level 1 Certification with @MRG Effitas for Online Banking and Browser Security. Out of all the products tested, only 4 managed to pass all three stages of the testing environment with Wontok being one of them. To find out more visit.

Sector Expertise


Telecom operators are waging a war for connectivity and customer intimacy. As profit pools decline and mobile/fixed services converge, there is increased expectations on operators to offer more, including increased levels of cyber security. Wontok is a cyber security company with the expertise to deliver solutions via the telco channel. We empower our partners to generate enormous ongoing value for telcos and their customers.


Wontok delivers identity protection solutions direct to consumers through its idSafe product, but also helps companies deliver identity protection solutions through white-label technology to their customers and end users. Our solutions help companies build value, cost effectively through our cloud first philosophy, and protect, detect and remediate.


It is apparent that today no sector is immune from the threat of a cyberattack and this includes the education sector, globally. The voluminous data these institutions hold as well as the increasing number of connected devices makes this sector a vulnerable domain for cyber-hacking. Wontok’s expertise in dealing with the complexity of networks across the education sector enables us to collaboratively work with institutes to mitigate risks and deliver heightened protection.

Our Partners

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