EFTGuard™ Offers Wontok’s SafeCentral™ to Help Business Customers Reduce Risk of Cyberfraud

EFTGuard and Wontok partner to bring state-of-the-art browser protection to small and medium businesses along with EFTGuard’s pioneering fraud loss protection.

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL and CHARLOTTE, NC – (BUSINESS WIRE) – EFTGuard, LLC announced today a strategic partnership with Wontok, Inc., a global cloud and endpoint security company. Through this partnership, Wontok’s SafeCentral™ end-point security will be offered to online business banking customers seeking additional protection from the ever increasing challenges of cybercrime.

Businesses are responsible for losses when their online business bank accounts are hacked. Bank laws treat individuals and companies differently, reasoning that companies should be more sophisticated than individuals and have their own online security measures in place. As such, business owners who discover money stolen from their bank account experience another shock when they are informed that the Bank may not cover their loss. This situation has led to costly litigation for both parties resulting in numerous settlements and more recently in Court rulings favoring the business customers.

EFTGuard is designed to remedy this tenuous situation between the Bank and their business banking customers by offering customers SafeCentral, a secure browser to protect them from online fraudsters, educational material on how to stay safe online, and up to $500,000 of fraud loss protection. EFTGuard can be purchased for $24.95/month from partner Banks or directly from EFTGuard at www.eftguard.com.

With EFTGuard, banks can meet their UCC requirement for commercially reasonable security, and their FFIEC requirement for customer education and awareness. They can also earn fee income, avoid customer litigation and avoid reputational damage. Business customers get stronger anti-fraud controls that can be used to protect many online activities including online banking, and gain the peace of mind that their cash is safe in case disaster strikes.

EFTGuard also provides banks with turnkey services to make integration a low cost, low impact activity. These services include content for marketing the product to business customers, and a website to manage customer enrollment, customer billing, software downloading, access to security education and awareness content, and claims handling.

Wontok SafeCentral offers extra protection against keyloggers, screen scrapers, DNS redirection, banking Trojans and man in the browser attacks when transferring sensitive information or transacting online. It stops malware, even on already infected computers, because the functions that malware uses to access the operating system are blocked at the kernel level. It is simple, fast and easy to use, it can be manual or automated on selected criteria – addressing selected URLs as an example, or starting a VPN service to the office when activated. “The partnership with Wontok brings a world-class secure access solution to banks and businesses in an affordable manner,” said EFTGuard co-founder Greg Richmond. “Now banks have options to protect their customers against cybercrime that are backed by true fraud loss protection.”

According to Adam Tegg, CEO of Wontok – 

“So many people and organisations are being hit by online theft that there is now demand for an added layer of security to safeguard against losses. Whether people are banking online, remotely accessing their company resources through VDI or VPNs or using cloud-based services for accounting or CRM, endpoints need protection. A locked down web browser at the endpoint is fast becoming a necessary additional layer of protection against online criminals. We are focused on filling the gaps we’ve identified in current security offerings and making the web a safer place to play and do business.”

About Wontok

Wontok delivers proven data security solutions that fill the gaps left by conventional security offerings. With Wontok’s added layer of security; businesses, government organizations and consumers can have confidence that their online commerce and communications is secure and their data is safe. Wontok delivers its world- class cloud and endpoint security platform through value add distributors, systems integrators, ISPs, MNOs, telcos and other value added channel partners. The company has operations in the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific. For more information, visit www.wontok.com.

About EFTGuard

EFTGuard is a joint venture of Royal Group Services and Greenway Solutions. The fraud loss protection component is provided by one of the world’s largest specialty insurance companies. For more information, please visit www.eftguard.com.