MRG Effitas Awards Wontok SafeCentral New Real World Q2 2014 Certification for Online Banking Browser Security Efficacy Assessments

MRG-Effitas_cert_01_180x110Third Consecutive Efficacy Assessments Certification Proves Wontok’s Superiority Against Advanced Malware Threats

SYDNEY, Australia and PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. – 21 July 2014 – Wontok, Inc. an innovator of proven data security solutions announces its malware prevention solution, Wontok™ SafeCentral for online financial transactions and remote endpoints has once again passed all tests necessary to receive certification for the latest MRG Effitas Online Banking Security Simulation. Wontok is one of only four vendors out the 18 security software solutions tested to receive the new Q2 2014 certification from MRG Effitas, an independent internet security research organization focused on providing cutting edge assessment and assurance services for security product efficacy. The latest tests were conducted on their newly upgraded testing environment hosted in an IBM SoftLayer data center with improved real world scenarios that map directly to financial Trojans and malware in the wild such as Zeus, Citadel and SpyEye. To find a copy of the report, please visit MRG Effitas site: In this Q2 2014 Online Banking Security Browser assessment MRG Effitas ran the following tests for banking browser security:

  • In the Wild Real Financial Malware Test in which 322 live ITW samples were used. The financial malware tested included: ZeuS (ZeuS P2P, Ice IX, KINS, Power ZeuS, Ramnit, Licat, Murofet, ZeuS Tasks), Citadel, SpyEye and CarberpReal.
  • New MRG Effitas’ ‘Real World’ Botnet Test which acquired leaked builders from real financial malware (ZeuS, Citadel, SpyEye) in the safe SoftLayer environment.
  • SSL Man-in-The-Middle [MiTM] Simulator Test which measures the protection capabilities against zero day threats.

Cybercrime is predicted to generate higher revenues than any other crime in 2014.  MRG Effitas has long strived to provide the most rigorous standards and testing environment to measure real-world performance of security solutions. MRG Effitas understands that detection isn’t enough, with malware easily bypassing most signatures, and created this latest test to represent a realistic scenario where the target device is already compromised with malware. Adam Tegg, CEO, Wontok states “These real-world based tests by MRG Effitas are required to stay one step ahead of crimeware. Our latest certification demonstrates that Wontok SafeCentral’s safe browser leads in preventing zero day and advanced malware threats from data exfiltration – that is, illicitly copying or extracting data – where traditional Anti-Virus security solutions fall short.”