Wontok Lab Tests and Removes Ransomware BadRabbit

Malware Family: Ransom.BadRabbit

Ransom.BadRabbit is a ransomware that currently targets critical infrastructure and high profile entities. With reported scenarios in the Ukraine and Russia. Preliminary analysis reveals that this new strain of ransomware is bundled with several open source tools that are leveraged for data encryption and lateral movement.

Wontok Lab Results

We observed that Wontok SafeCentral Security Suites advanced cloud technology on-access engines properly detect and remediate the malware. Preventing the installation and spread of this payload.


Ransom.BadRabbit infection process starts with a fake Adobe Flash installer that is downloaded from compromised websites. This fake Flash installer holds the ransomware payload. Once decrypted, it drops and executes the code. The actual ransomware payload holds no less than six different tools that are used for the encryption purposes, as well as for spreading the code across other devices.

Bad Rabbit is like GoldenEye / NotPetya Ransomware strains. It is highly viral due to its implementation of Mimikatz which lets it move from one infected workstation to another. It also features disk encryption via the DiskCryptor driver, allowing it to interfere with the normal boot process and prevent the computer from starting up. This ransomware component references Game of Thrones characters within the code, it also has a process hashing routine extremely like what GoldenEye used to verify what security solutions were installed locally prior to encrypting the Master Boot Records (MBR).

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