Wontok SafeCentral Continues to Shine in Real World Online Banking Browser Security Efficacy Assessments

Wontok SafeCentral is one of only 5 vendors to receive Level 2 MRG Effitas Q2 2014 Certification. As the cybercriminals get smarter, the need for realistic testing scenarios for malware “in the wild” are critical. This quarter MRG Effitas partnered with IBM SoftLayer to take it up a notch with the most rigorous and realistic testing scenarios to date. These proved quite challenging for the field of big name vendors, showing that traditional methods and detection alone can’t keep up. Wontok SafeCentral continues to stand out in its ability to prevent the likes of Zeus, Citadel, SpyEye, Carberp and their variants from stealing data from bank and merchant transactions.

Download the MRG Effitas Q2 Online Banking Browser Security Efficacy Report.

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