Wontok SafeCentral Finishes at top of Browser Security Products Comparison

Wontok SafeCentral protects computer systems against all financial malware and advanced persistent threats used in tests

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL – April 9, 2013 – Wontok today announced that in a recently completed comparative efficacy assessment of browser security and data capture prevention products, Wontok SafeCentral was one of two solutions able to protect computer systems against a variety of financial malware and advanced persistent threats. The comparison tested the top five industry-recognized products against man-in-the-browser attacks, malicious browser extensions, session cookies theft malware and browser manipulation technologies. Against every attack, SafeCentral prevented the malware from capturing sensitive data. A summary of the assessment can be downloaded at www.wontok.com.

Wontok SafeCentral is an affordable secure session technology that renders malware inoperable on client PCs and employee-owned devices. The proactive endpoint security technology strengthens antivirus, firewall and encryption solutions while offering protection against data-in-use against keyloggers, screen stealer, DNS redirection, banking Trojans and man-in-the-browser attacks. The lightweight application locks out data-stealing malware while allowing secure access to local and online applications.

“As we continue to reinvigorate and expand SafeCentral globally, these comparisons and assessments further demonstrate our efficacy in head-to-head competition against many of the trusted products in the industry,” said Adam Tegg, CEO of Wontok. “Our technology challenges the conventional ways of combating cyber threats, which are focused on reactive strategies. While traditional malware protection, firewalls and VPNs contribute to layered protection, they are no longer enough. Fortunately, as proven through this research, SafeCentral withstood all threats; providing true, proactive protection against some of the most nefarious malware menacing financial institutions and enterprises today.”

In the report, completed by MRG Effitas, a UK-based, independent IT security research organization, researchers indicated that the “Average detection of Zeus is currently below 40% and along with other financial malware, detection has consistently dropped over time. The nature of the threats posed by these classes of malware are such that one needs to be able to determine if a data breach occurred, not if they are detected or blocked, since evidence proves current solutions are unable to reliably prevent infection of systems.”

To download the results of the comparative efficacy assessment, please visit www.wontok.com.

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Wontok delivers proven data security solutions that when activated render malware inoperable. With Wontok’s added layer of security; businesses, government organizations and consumers can have confidence that their online commerce and communications is secure and their data is safe. Wontok delivers its world-class cloud and endpoint security platform through value add distributors, systems integrators, network operators and other value-added channel partners. The company has operations in the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific. For more information, visit www.wontok.com.