Wontok set to reinvigorate and expand SafeCentral globally

Wontok Security, Australian systems and security integrator, has incorporated in the United States as Wontok Inc. This incorporation follows the acquisition of SafeCentral in 2011. Along with expanding the SafeCentral product lines, which include a leading secure web browser and a unique and patented secure virtual desktop, Wontok is growing its sales and marketing globally.

Wontok has appointed security sales veterans including Chris Gardner based in California and Lisa Fong in Hong Kong to take the evolving SafeCentral story to market and forge deeper partner relationships.

Wontok has assumed a leadership position in the web security space to help consumers and businesses safely manage online transactions ; an area of growing concern to industry analysts. The need for improved security will no doubt continue to grow with the advent of trojans, such as Zeus, that use ‘man in the browser’ attacks and the growing popularity of using personal devices such as smart phones and tablets to perform banking and other high risk transactions.

Today’s malware has evolved to bypass traditional protection by evading anti-malware detection and compromising data without the user knowing. Traditional anti-malware protection, firewalls and VPNs can each contribute to layered protection but there is a missing layer on the endpoint PC: protection for data in use. When SafeCentral is activated malware cannot function because the processes that malware uses to operate are completely shut down at the kernel level by SafeCentral. SafeCentral’s unique and patented solution provides total protection of confidential business information at the most vulnerable time – when it’s being used by the intended user.

Wontok is seeking security and vertical specialists, technology and distribution partners in the US, Asia Pac and Europe to take its unique security offering to market.